IDE Products

160-750GB Hit or WD ATA 100 7200 RPM

These Drives allow you to add as much storage to any system as you will ever need, with top of the line drives.


IDE Ultra 100/133 Cables

The IDE Ultra100/133 Hot Swap Bay works with all the fastest hard drives. Includes cooling fan, key lock, and 50 pin high reliability interconnection. LED indicators for Power and HDD Activity.


Disk Jockey PRO - SATA/IDE HD Copy and Diagnostic Tool 

The Disk Jockey Pro is the world's most versatile hard drive diagnostic and copy tool. Disk Jockey can be used with your Windows or Macintosh computer connected via the high-speed USB 2.0 port or it can be used as a stand alone unit. the D.J.P. lets you mount drives to your desktop, mirror(RAID 1) or scan hard disk, copy data between hard disks at lightening fast speeds, verify, test and erase hard disks. 

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